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New features and updates


Standard Practice widget

The Standard Practice Widget for Medical Director allows Medical Director users to access all their Standard Practice resources directly from the Medical Director Sidebar.


Standard Practice on any device

You and your team can now access all your Standard Practice resources via virtually any device supporting a recent browser. Watch this video to see it in action.

Intelligent Document Management


Centralised management

Centralised management of all your information resources is one of the key features of Standard Practice™.  This brief video provides some insight.


Fast, easy access to everything

See how Standard Practice™ lets you provide your staff with fast, easy access to all the information they need to be effective and compliant in their role.


Link information to tasks

You'll love how Standard Practice™ lets you link important information to scheduled tasks so that staff can easily access it directly from their daily Task Lists.

Task Management


Manage recurring tasks

Learn how Standard Practice™ allows you to easily define, schedule and assign responsibility for routine tasks.


Managing accountability

See how Standard Practice™ makes it simple for you to assign responsibility and manage accountability for routine tasks.


Ensure things aren’t missed

Standard Practice™ allows you to provide your staff with 'live' task lists to help ensure important things don't get missed.

Compliance & Accreditation


Meet compliance requirements

The Standard Practice™ system provides you with the best possible framework for managing and meeting compliance requirements on a day-to-day basis.


Preparing for accreditation

Standard Practice™ can help take a lot of the pain out of preparing for accreditation, particularly in relation to meeting information management requirements.

Policies & Procedures


Professionally-written content

The Standard Practice™ content modules are professionally-written, consistently-formatted sets of documents that import directly into Standard Practice.


Comprehensive HR policies

Standard Practice™ provides a set of HR policies from a leading Australian HR/IR consultancy. These policies can serve to underpin your HR management.