Snowy River Vets testimonial

Having become repeatedly frustrated at having some jobs not done routinely until a staff member was asked, and then having the job done in a variety of ways, I leapt at the idea of Standard Practice being incorporated into our practice framework. Now the glass on the front door is cleaned regularly, according to schedule. New staff know what is expected of them, and I don't have to remember every job they should be doing. Our clinic runs better with fewer gaps in things getting done than used to happen.

The same thing, the same way, every time. There was a fair bit of work involved in the initial set up, but this has been well worth while. We purchased the package that had suggested protocols and these were changed to suit our clinic.

Staff have mixed feelings about the system. Those who have been with us a long time and have ticked off the same tasks every day for months find the marking off of tasks a bit of a chore, but when I suggested that maybe we leave some of these off the list..........they said no! Because someone else might not then do the task.

The support from the team at Standard Practice has been great. Even an IT illiterate like me has managed to understand the system. Without doubt one of the best investments in the running of the business I have made. I no longer go home and complain about what hasn't been done...........'cause its all done.

Dave Mitchell, Practice Owner, Snowy River Vet Clinic