Camp Hill Dental Specialist Centre

Standard Practice has become an integral part of our practice. One of the best features for us has been the ability to find any document at any time on any computer. It is so much more efficient and much easier just to quickly bring up some information on the computer rather than hunting through the filing cabinet to find a document that may or may not be filed correctly.

We also find the job lists provides the staff with a simple reminder of jobs requiring attention and also provide management with a method of checking that activities such as weekly maintenance procedures are being undertaken.

Setting up Standard Practice did require some time but the process was simple , logical and with plenty of support provided. Once set up, it is easy to continually add new documents, new jobs or modify out of date information. The staff know that the latest version of any important protocol is on Standard Practice. It is reassuring that an up to date infection control protocol can be generated at any time.

Any certificates, licenses or reports required for compliance with various legislation are scanned and added to Standard Practice. With key search words these important documents can then be found very quickly. These features will assist us in keeping up with the ongoing requirements of accreditation.

The staff have found the job lists very useful and when times are quiet they can look ahead and find tasks that might need to be done later in the month. From cleaning out the fridge to organizing fire equipment inspection, all jobs can be set up for particular staff or can be rotated between staff. Our practice manager is continually finding new tasks to set up and finds the system a great reminder for her of her different duties. The compliance reports which can be generated, are a useful way of keeping track of who does what without feeling like you are continually checking up on people.

Standard Practice is just a very efficient way of keeping on top of all the requirements for the running of a dental practice.

Dr Susan Wynne, Periodontist / Practice owner, Camp Hill Dental Specialist Centre