Document management videos

Intelligent Document Management

These brief videos provide overviews of various components of the Standard Practice™ intelligent document management system.  They're only around 1 minute each.


Centralised management

Centralised management of all your information resources is one of the key features of Standard Practice™.  This brief video provides some insight.


Fast, easy access to everything

See how Standard Practice™ lets you provide your staff with fast, easy access to all the information they need to be effective and compliant in their role.


Link information to tasks

You'll love how Standard Practice™ lets you link important information to scheduled tasks so that staff can easily access it directly from their daily Task Lists.


Document re-use

Learn how Standard Practice™ lets you re-use documents, groups of documents - even complete manuals, without ever having to maintain duplicates.


Document relationships

Standard Practice™ allows you to specify relationships between documents.  Any document or resource can have sub-documents or related resources.  Take a look. 


Generate manuals on-demand

Standard Practice™ allows you to generate manuals (real-time, on-demand) comprising your individual documents.  See it in action - it's very cool.