Will my staff like Standard Practice?

Most will love it, but there may be some who don't like or who will resist it - particularly in relation to working from daily Task Lists.

Generally, staff will recognize the benefits of Standard Practice - both to the business and for themselves - but sometimes it is also going to expose where people are not pulling their weight, or where they are trying to "own the knowledge" to protect their position / elevate their importance to the business.

There can be adjustment periods, depending on various factors including the length of time staff members have been with you, and the existing culture of your business - and depending on your goals in implementing the system (i.e. what is it you are trying to change / how much are you trying to change in the business).

We always encourage our customers to engage their staff (particular senior or long-serving staff) in the process of implementing Standard Practice.  Their input can often be very valuable, and they are more likely to champion the process if they are involved in the implementation from the start.

At the end of the day, the goal of implementing Standard Practice is usually to make life less stressful and more productive for everyone.