Why produce manuals "on-demand"?

Have you ever noticed how dusty hard-copy manuals get (and what this suggests about how often they are referred to)?

Even if you have your manual as a big Word document, how do you maintain it?  Do you have copies of the individual documents/procedures that you then copy/paste into your manual?  Or do you maintain your individual documents and maintain your manual separately?

Aaagghhh - that's got rocks on it!

From a maintenance perspective, producing manuals on-demand eliminates these issues (have a look at the Generate manuals on-demand video and maybe some of the other document management instant previews available here on the site).

From a readership perspective, we think that no-one loves wading through manuals that often contain information that is not meaningful/pertinent to them in their role.  One of the big benefits of how you can produce manuals on-demand with Standard Practice is that you can produce them in different 'flavours' according to the role/s of the recipient.

Again, look at some of the Document Management Instant Previews to see how you do it with Standard Practice.